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OMR & IT Solutions
Certified ISO 27001 & 9001

5000+ Organizations, Including 400 cities in India and 20 Countries Around the World.

The fact that we have clients not only in the country but also around the world that use our OMR software reflects the high quality of our product and services. We have clients in 20 countries, 400 cities in India. More than 5000 organizations have been using our product for almost 16 years.

Our client list includes some of the prestigious organizations of the country. We have been supplying the OMR software to several government and defence organizations (more than 250), top universities, nation institutes, coaching classes, major institutions, big brands and assessment companies. Apart from the reliability and accuracy of the OMR software, we are also a sought out company because of the top sales services and support mechanism that we provide.

See our Client List and Read Success Stories
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See our Client List and Read Success Stories

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