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Disdvantage with Online Exam Portals

As more and more institutes are inclined towards providing Online Exam facility to their students, so they are trying every possible option in the market and decide on the basis of their immediate needs, without evaluating the repercussions of their decision.

There are some online exam portals that offer tie-ups on per student basis and also serve with ready question papers.
To some institutes it seems an easy proposal to start online exam by joining other portals and one of the major reasons for institutes getting attracted to these portals is that they provide question papers which saves the institute from major task.

But very soon these institutes also dropout from such subscriptions. Few major reasons for insitutes later dropping out of such subscription are:

1. The exam portals require the institute to share their student data with their portal.
Later many institutes have discovered mishandling of student data since these portals they have a large number of subscriber institutes and many of them are also interested to get student database for their own marketing. Such portals have also been found to play major role in sharing information of toppers to other big buyer institutes for their publicity on declaration of exam results.

2. Such portals do not offer quality question papers with unique questions.
These portals have a common academic team that has to create commonly suitable question papers for all subscriber institutes, so it is simply not possible to create multiple levels of question papers on each topic. Portal might have large number of users, but not large enough in one type of examination to allow custom question paper for eah institute. Also since this common academic team has to set up so many question papers they cannot even afford to make on demand question papers. Even if they do it is again going to be from the same bank, and will be repeated for some other institute sooner or later.

3. Brand image of Portal is popularized.
The brand image of the portal is popularized and it has no credit for the institute about quality of teaching and test papers. The student database of the institutes is later used for other purpose like offering direct subscription or marketing other products like books, e-learning packages etc.

4. Misuse of institute's personal Question bank.
Another mischevious purpose is to get question content from institutes to be later used commonly for all other subscribers. Some portals offer you to upload their own question papers, this in other way is simply an excercise of collecting question bank.

5. Dependency on cloud, no solution for classroom test.
Major technical and practical reason with portals is that they are good only for cloud based usage, where the students can attempt tests from their homes or personal devices connected through internet. There is no solution for actual exam practice through proctored test in a classroom or a Lab, where most of the students are sitting in the institute. In this case also all the devices must be connected to cloud server through internet because the entire resource is on cloud server of portal. This means the institute has to arrange for heavy internet bandwidth and still the process is vulnerable to internet connectivity. It is a risky proposition to invite hundreds of candidates to write a test in your institute while being dependent on internet which has no suriety and consistency. Such sort of exams at home are good for practice, but not for actual experience of exam. So if an institute has to conduct actual mock test, then they have to look for their independent solutions.

Eager and unwise support of institutes only has helped these exam portal gain foot in the market.
What seems to be an advantage in the beginning, turns out to be a trap and becomes a disadvantage later and most of the institutes drop out.

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