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Online Question Bank Software

Addmen provides an Online Exam software which you can use to upload tests for your students. Students are given a login and password through which they can take the test.

This Addmen Online Exam Software also has Online Question Bank facility in which a bank of questions can be uploaded, which will be used when several students will self-generate practice question papers for test preparation according to the exam pattern.

Online Question bank not only presents each student with different questions randomly selected from the bank, still following the same criteria, But the software also presents the selected questions in a randomly shuffled order. This provides double check to prevent malpractices during the examination and makes the whole process fair for the students too.

Screenshot of Online Question Bank interface for self-generated Practice papers by student Online Question Bank Software

The question bank resource can be indexed and managed on local machine for convenience and synced with the server which is used for dynamic creation of multiple different practice test papers for every student while still following the same blue print. It is better to use the Online Question Bank facility with the Question paper generator module to utilize its maximum potential. The online question bank can be upgraded by adding more questions to the bank. Click Here

Due to the features of the Online Exam software and question bank software, it has been used by several top institutes and coaching classes for their online exams. Apart from being reliable, most institutes find it inexpensive too.

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