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Importance of Question Bank Software Module in proper Utilization of Online Question Bank Facility

As understood, the Online Question Bank requires the combined features of Question Paper Generator Software and the Online Exam Software. Thus the online Question bank feature can be fully utilized only if the Question Bank Module is also procured with Online Exam Module.

If you have the Question Paper Generator Software, then the uploaded bank can be indexed in detail. If the Question Bank Software aka Question Paper Generator Software is not used, then the Questions can be still uploaded to the Bank, but can be classified only according to single "Subject/Section" tag, that is selected while upload and it cannot be further classified to multiple levels.

The bank of questions is created and indexed on your local computer using the offline question bank software. Addmen's question bank software works well for offline and Online Exams too. Being offline, you can save as many questions as you want in the local question bank and make any changes efficiently in the offline copy and then upload it on the server.

Online Question Bank Facility Screenshot of Offline Question Bank Indexing panel

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