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Forget to write Roll no. OMR Sheets

The candidate should mark the roll number carefully. This marked roll no will be helpful if by mistake the fails to write the roll number properly because software reads the roll number. The handwritten roll number is to just help the candidate.

If the roll no is block is empty or not incorrectly filled, then Addmen OMR Reading Software will prompt. In such a case the software peruses the answers and stops for the administrator to see the picture which is visible and fill the right Roll no. on the premise of what the candidate has opted by hand however failed to fill in OMR format.

In the case if the candidate fails in filling the Roll number block and writing the Roll number on the answer sheet, In such case the Software will skip the sheet and will alert the evaluator.An Evaluator will confirm the sheet again for any roll number on the sheet. If nothing found then the only option left will be to skip the sheet.

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