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Is it Necessary to Fill the full Bubble?

Multiple choice question based examination anticipate that the applicant to completely fill the OMR bubbles while some other exams allows “Tick Mark” or Single line for OMR Optical Marks. For evaluation of the OMR answer sheets almost every exam uses Addmen Optical Mark Reading Software. So they give strict guidelines to fill the full bubbles on Objective response Sheets.

Technically the Addmen OMR Reader Software is very flexible.

Addmen OMR Sheet Software is adaptable it is capable of altering the understanding the sensitivity of the software as per the approach of the examining body.

In case if you fail to fill the bubble completely or the bubble is improperly filled then In such case the Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker will still read the OMR Answer sheet accurately;

The Addmen OMR test answer sheet checker will check the answer even if you overfill or spill the circle by mistake.

Due to the most recent innovation and advanced logic, the sensitivity can be balanced in Addmen OMR Reader Software to peruse all the "OMR bubbles", "Tick Marks" and "Thin lines".

Foulness and scraped spots likewise does not influence the OMR Optical reading by Addmen Answer Sheet Reader Software.

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