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OMR & IT Solutions
Certified ISO 27001 & 9001

A Decade of Pioneering work in the field of OMR-OCR-ICR Technology

OMR refers to Optical Mark Recognition, used for detecting black marked bubbles, this technology is fully accurate and reliable and so it is widely used in decisive and critical processes like examination and elections etc.

OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition, used for detecting and reading printed characters, this technology is also highly accurate and reliable to a certain limit, so it is used as a supportive element in data collection process.

ICR refers to Intelligent Character Recognition, used for handwriting detection and reading, and obviously has varying degree of accuracy depending upon the handwriting of the user. So if the input is well formed, then this technology is also a good tool to supplement data collection processes.

Introduction to Addmen OMR-OCR-ICR Software Solution

Advanced Optical Mark Recognition System (OMR Software, OCR Software and ICR Software) with added functionalities

Addmen has been providing innovative and smart solutions for organisations having various needs related to optical image processing. Besides the basic modules like 1) OMR Answer Sheet Checker and 2) OMR Form Reader in the Standard version of the Addmen OMR software, we have developed various advanced versions for specific needs

Our OMR software (Optical Mark Reader) is most advanced as it is also equipped with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) for recognition of Handwriting and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities for the recognition of printed text.

There are several addon modules and functionalities that make our software capable of providing solution for Barcode, Qcode, Lithocode and Image reading requirements all at the same time.

The Advanced International OMR software having its interface in multiple languages like Arabic and Russian (Cyrillic).

Professional OMR Software for high-volume and high-speed processing

We also have Professional version which runs on SQL backend and is capable of fast processing high volumes for heavy workload. Read More

OMR Sheet Scanners
Screenshot of Multilingual Interface (Arabic) OMR Software
OMR Sheet Scanners
Screenshot of Client Terminal needs to validate before connecting to server based OMR software

Server version of Addmen OMR Software

Addmen goes a step ahead in providing a server linked OMR solution to organizations with multiple branches or franchise centers. The server client OMR system is a boon to those institutes who want to do the OMR reading and data collection at various location but want to process all the data at a central location. The server-client combo of Addmen OMR allows the client deployments to work as standalone OMR installations and read their sheets locally. The data collected locally at all centers is then uploaded automatically to the central server where it is used for further analysis. Read more

OMR Sheet Scanners

Web based OMR software

An excellent utility for test prep centres offering distance education or online classes or organized on-to-one home tutoring with users spread over vast distances where it is not possible to physically send OMR sheets to the centre for checking after every test. It is also a boon for institutes with large number of centres, but each with relatively less enrolment strength that makes it infeasible to deploy dedicated OMR evaluation system at each centre.

This online OMR Sheet reading tool can be accessed by a distant user over his browser, connected through internet where he can drag and drop the sheet for instant evaluation. The read data is displayed to the user to make any amendments before final submission. The online OMR sheet reader system, based on the backend settings, either responds with only the read data from the sheet or goes further ahead to process and display a complete graphical test performance report with comparative analysis also considering the responses of other test participants.

This system is also most suited for one-to-one home tuition sector, and also to publication houses providing practice question banks for test prep. Read more

OMR Sheet Scanners

Android Based hybrid OMR-Online Exam Quizpad

Android based quizpad is a new evolved form of OMR-Online Exam combination, in which the paper based OMR sheet has been replaced with a digital OMR sheet, for which there is no need to print and scan. The question paper may be provided as a conventional printed paper or may be a part of assignment worksheet or a preprinted practice question bank. But the OMR sheet will be drawn dynamically o screen as soon as the corresponding test is selected. This not only saves the effort in handling of OMR sheets, but also delivers quick results with the efficiency of result processing of a computer based test. Read more

Custom Solutions for Specific Requirements

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