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Advanced OMR Systems

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These are examples of Centralization of test scoring process, are cases of Multi-user/multi-location installation and application of OMR System. Advanced Addmen OMR Systems have a Solutions to all these Requirements.

Web Based OMR System

All the OMR installation and processing at the Server. The end-user only uses a browser interface to upload OMR Sheets and get results.
Only single Professional OMR license is required for the server along with some modules of Integrated Assessment Suite.

The best hassle Free OMR Solution for your Multi-Branch Institution at lowest price.

The System is extremely scalable with minimum price impact. Continue Reading

Server Integrated OMR System

The Server Integrated OMR System is actually a Distributed OMR Setup where a set of several standalone OMR Software, mostly with same OMR capability sufficient for data extraction, work independently at different locations to extract data.

All these Terminal computers are connected and upload data to Central computer designated as data server. The Central Computer has higher OMR capabilities to process the data received at the server. Continue Reading

Professional OMR Software

The Addmen Professional OMR Software uses SQL as database and is capable of handling heavy workload by allowing high speed processing of high volumes. Continue Reading

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Server Based OMR

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