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OMR OCR ICR Modules and Features

The Addmen OMR Software is totally modular for Easy and Optimal Solution.

We have kept the solution modular because if a regular user has simple requirements, then we do not want to load the user with extra price and extra learning because of extra features, which are not relevant for him. So the price of the solution is based on the modules you select.

Modules for Optical Reading and Data Collection

A0/B0- Basic OMR Reader (Base Component)

The Basic OMR Reader is the core component of any OMR solution. It reads the bubbles from scanned images and raw data is generated. The Basic Reader (B0) generates and provides data as it is without applying any post reading logic.

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B1- Image Capture

Can capture one or more image from a sheet and save as file or in database. Used for Design of new OMR sheet

B2- Barcode Reader
B3- QCode Reader
B4- Lithocode Reader
B5- Multipage Forms Reading

Multipage Form reading extension (B5) creates a convenient possibility to read and combine the result obtained from multiple pages of a single form. This feature is very convenient for multiple section tests with large number of questions, long application forms, long questionnaires for feedback etc.

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PC- OCR & ICR Reader

OCR (for pre-printed numbers) and ICR (for handwritten) are only used as supportive tools to help in data collection because technology wise they are not 100% accurate like OMR. Manual interpretation and correction is required in some rare cases. Applicable for English language only.

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Modules for OMR Sheet Design and Printing

SD- Standard OMR Sheet Designer

Used for Design of new OMR sheet. Advanced OMR Sheet Designer

Used for Design of calibration of externally designed sheet and design of new sheet with speciality blocks, special Cell conditions.

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PE- Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Used for printing variable data using input given in Excel or Access. Used for Generation of Lithocode and Printing of Text, OCR or Barcode fields. Creation of single sheet or multi-page merged PDF. Selective printing of a series.

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Modules for MCQ Test Scoring

A1- MCQ Test Scoring with Basic Reporting Read More..

A2- MCQ Test Scoring with Advanced Reporting (includes A1)

Extended reporting interface for detailed reports like Question Paper Analysis, Student Assessment Report (each test), Student Progress Graphs (multiple tests), Batch Comparison Graphs and Charts etc.

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A3- Feedback and Survey Analysis Read More..

A4- Online Score Board (Result on Website)

Interface is added to website where Student login to see: Score Chart (all tests), Advanced Student Assessment Report (each test), Student Progress Graphs (multiple tests). Cloud or local server with IIS and SQL is required to host the module.

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A5- Olympiad Ranking and Multi-tier Report Generation (A2 is required)

Olympiad/Scholarship Type MCQ Test Scoring require multilevel ranking as per class, institution, city, state, country etc. So they need more detailed planning of Roll nos and report generation features beyond regular OMR result processing.

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A6- SAT/ACT/PSAT Solution (includes A1+A2+A4)

SAT or other examinations held outside India have a different pattern than the regular MCQ based tests. These Test patterns involve more detailed definition and reporting, so they need extended result processing Features. In case of the SAT solution, the regular functionality of OMR Answer Sheet Checker remains intact while addon Features are activated, which according to these SAT like test pattern enables the software to accept scaled scores and club multi-part tests taken on multiple sheets into one and prepare reports accordingly.

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Standard and Professional Variants

Standard variant runs on MS Access. Professional variant runs on MS SQL

Professional variant is useful where there is requirement to fast process high volumes or read multiple folders continuously. It has added features for high-end user like provision to run parallel-instances (multiple-license) on single computer.

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OMR Modules and Features

Modules to Enhance the Reading ability

The Basic OMR reader (B0) can be enriched with additional Reading features like Image Capture (B1), Barcode Reader (B2), QRCode Reader (B3), Lithocode Reader (B4), OCR & ICR Reader (PC) will enable the software to optically read more types of blocks.

Coupling Basic Reader (B0) with Multipage Form reading module (B5) creates a convenient possibility to read and combine the result obtained from multiple pages of a single form. This feature is very convenient for multiple section tests with large number of questions, long application forms, long questionnaires for feedback etc.

Modules to Enhance the Output Usability

Some common Post Reading Logic can be availed if B0 is coupled with OMR Sheet Designer (SD) that allows you to set different replacement values for sheets. Example of Post reading logic is like : Value replacement where the software has read bubbles in terms of A,B,C and given output in Excel in terms of Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore.

The Basic OMR reader also has some addon possibilities for management of the data generated after various type of optical reading and post reading logic. If the basic OMR Reader is coupled with The Server Connectivity Modules (PF) then the Software gains the possibility to upload the data to a central server.

Even when the OMR API is used, it actually requires a license of Basic OMR reader running at the backend, which actually does the work of OMR reading and transacts the input and output through the API.

OMR Answer Sheet Checker

The OMR Answer Sheet Checker is a standard combination of Basic OMR Reader to read bubble data from OMR Sheet plus Basic Result Processing to convert the read data into presentable results to provide various merit lists and basic graphs, charts, analysis etc.

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