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Server INTEGRATED OMR Software

OMR System with Central Data Server

Good solution for test prep classes with multiple centres

The Server based OMR is useful for coaching institutes and test prep classes with multiple centres, wherein they wish to read OMR sheets at the centre level but wish to declare combined results at the institute head office level. The server based OMR is also useful for OMR based election process, where the ballot data is not collected locally, instead, it is immediately transferred to the central server as it is read from the sheets.

Branches have to Login to connect to server, hence access can be controlled from the Server

Good solution for Distributed data collection projects

Yet another avenue where Server based OMR finds extensive use is with the large scale government or NGO projects targeted to collect data and assess certain parameters at too many distributed locations with the help of field staff. The serve based OMR can be used in all such cases like the facility management services where multiple field agents can post their requirements to central server.

Various controls for Managing Data Upload Process, Data is Encrypted before upload.

Add-on Features for the Server version of OMR Software

Encrypted Data Uploaded to Server is deciphered by the Server software to deliver useful data

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