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Some users use the complete features of Addmen Software for their complete process from Sheet design to Generating and displaying results in various formats.

While some other users already have their Result Processing Software or Institute management Systems or MIS reporting softwares in place and their only need is to get quick and accurate data from the OMR sheet which they will import and process in their existing software to get the results in their preset formats.

In such a case the user makes use of the popular Addmen OMR reader tool only to read the data from OMR sheets and then use this data to perform their own calculations inside their software which they are already using.

Features for Facilitation of Data Integration

Data Export Interface after Reading an OMR Form
Addmen Software Output With Other Software
Sample Generic Output for Integration (Excel Format)
Addmen Software Output With Other Software
Sample Generic Output for Integration (DAT Format)
Addmen Software Output With Other Software

Basic Concept and Approach of Data Integration

It is important to understand the approach of integration.

For sake of simplicity, let us assume the software used in first part of the process to generate data is Addmen OMR Software so we will call it Software A.

And the software used in the second part of the process which will receive the data and do the calculations, is the client's software so we will call it Software B.

Both softwares A & B to be integrated have been developed by two different teams. None of the team knows the internal work process and data structure of the other software.

So both softwares will be obviously different in many ways, the way they store data and interpret data might be totally different. The Database is different, the table names are different, the fields name, structure and type all are different.

And this is a common scenario whenever there is a hand-shaking between any two softwares in any process. So there must be a universally standard and commonly acceptable way of approaching the integration.

Let us assume there are two softwares A & B, to be integrated such that data output generated by Software A (Addmen OMR Reader) is to be used by Software B (Client's Result Processing Software) as input.

Then such software hand shaking (data integration) can be done in two ways:

What is the Ideal Approach for Data Integration?

Mostly clients who suggest Push Integration, are not aware of the challenges and implications of this method.

The best approach for data integration is the Pull approach which eliminates any dependency, delay and any cost

Then it is the choice of the software B to pick and use selective fields as and when needed, without dependency on Addmen OMR Software team.

Since the Software A (Addmen OMR) will not have to do any user specific customization and its task will be over in common way. So there is also no cost for such integration.

Some More Variants of Generic Output for Integration
Addmen Software Output With Other Software

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