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OMR & IT Solutions
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MCQ Test Scoring with Advanced Features

OMR Software Result Interface – for Admin (A1/A2)

Basic Result Interface - for Admin (A1)
MCQ Test Scoring
A2-Advance Report Interface ( OMR+CBT+APP ) – for Admin (A2)
MCQ Test Scoring with Advanced Features

Graphical Student Assessment Report (A2/A4)

This report has many pages. Only 4 Screenshots have been used to keep this document concise

Graphical Question Paper Analysis Report (A2/A4)

(Applicable For All Types Of Tests, Feedback, Surveys, Questionnaires Etc.)

Candidate Progress Graph over Multiple Tests (A2/A4)
Dynamically Expanding Score List (Any Number Of Sections/Subjects) (A2/A4)

There are numerous other formats of Raw and Processed Data Exported in Excel or SQL or CSV and numerous other formats

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