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OMR Answer Sheet Checker

The OMR Sheet Checker software is used for checking objective tests that have multiple choice questions.

The Addmen OMR software has three modules: OMR Answer Sheet Checker, OMR Form Reader and Question Paper Generator. The first module which is the Answer Sheet Checker Software has the capability to design as well as read the OMR sheet. This module is used for reading and evaluating OMR answer sheets, answer papers that involve multiple choice or objective questions. The software compares the answers of the students with that of the answer key and provides detailed reports within minutes. This software is used for several competitive examinations where a large group of people participate.

The OMR answer sheet checker software is the fastest way of marking and evaluating objective type answer sheets. The highlight of this software is its report making ability. The reports the software produces are detailed ones and offers analysis of individuals, groups, topics and questions too. This helps students and teachers to make improvements in learning and teaching

How does OMR Sheet Checker Software Work?

The use of the Addmen OMR software involves four steps which are explained in detail below:

Step 01 - Define OMR Test

First, the test paper is defined. Important elements like topic, subject, total marks, sections, no. of questions, etc. are decided. The first step is to set OMR test name, date, subjects, number of questions per section, etc.

Step 02 - OMR Test Answer Key

Second, the answer key is set either manually or by importing it from an Excel sheet. A correctly filled answer paper can also be used. Create answer key by copy pasting the answers from Excel or manually feeding them. You can also copy-paste a correctly filled answer sheet. Assign marking scheme and topic tags.

Step 03 - Check OMR Sheets

Third step is done once the sheets are filled and scanned. The software evaluates the answers in this stage. Read the scanned OMR sheets and store the data collected. Runtime correction of wrongly-filled sheets is also available.

Step 04 - View OMR Results

Fourth step involves generating the results of the test. The results are detailed ones, often involving graphical reports along with tabular ones. View detailed OMR results like mark lists, checklists, detailed graphical analysis and OMR sheet data in different pre-designed layouts. The results can be exported to Excel, XML, Access, Dbase, etc.

Features of OMR Answer Sheet Checker

The Addmen OMR software has several features which are the reason why it is the most used OMR software. Here we have highlighted the main ones.

  • You do not need a specialized scanner to scan these sheets. The software reads sheets that are scanned using just a regular image scanner.

  • The software has a high speed of reading 3 sheets in a second, making it possible to read 100 sheets in a minute.

  • Users get real time alerts while the software reads the sheets. You will get instant alerts of mistakes like multiple bubble marking, blank ID, duplicate ID, etc.

  • The report making facility of this software can be used for subjective exams too. All you need to do is enter the marks manually and the reports would be ready in no time.

  • Different types of reports can be created with the help of this software. Making tabular reports, graphical reports, mark lists, etc. is possible.

  • Different types of tests can be evaluated using this software. Apart from multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, column marking questions, numerical questions, true and false, etc. can be evaluated using Addmen OMR software. Psychometric tests can also be evaluated.

  • OMR sheet designing software is available with the answer sheet checker software, making it possible to create different types of OMR answer sheets whenever you want to.

Institutes that organize competitive examinations and practice test sessions find the Addmen OMR answer sheet checker software really useful. It saves time as well as does not require too much manpower as compared to manual evaluation process.

MCQ Test/OMR Test Management Features

  • Infinite OMR tests can be created.

  • Multiple sets of the same test paper calculated simultaneously.

  • Cancellation of questions is possible.

  • Creation of unlimited marking schemes is possible.

  • Bonus marking, decimal marking and complex marking schemes can be adapted.

  • Answers can be calibrated from the sheet or entered by simply typing them.

  • The software provides prompts in case of problems like invalid ID, blank ID, double marked ID, duplicate ID, wrong test paper set, etc.

  • Manual entry of marks can also be done.

  • The question mapping methods for marking scheme are simple and fast.

  • It is possible to change the basic answer key after evaluation quickly and easily. This makes it possible to avoid rescanning of sheets.

MCQ Test Result/OMR Test Result Outputs

  • Display parameters like percentage, test rank, percentile, class rank, etc. can be selected

  • Reports can be sorted as per student ID, name or rank

  • Detailed OMR sheet analysis can be done

  • Graphical progress analysis

  • Test group analysis

  • Subject and topic-wise segregated results

  • Individual candidate analysis

  • Export results to EXCEL/PDF/RTF/Word

  • Multi-column reports for multiple subject OMR tests

  • Results can be sent via email or SMS. It can be displayed on website too.

  • Reports are available in print format too

OMR Result on Website

It is possible to get an online result module from Addmen. This is linked to your website and can be accessed by students by logging into their accounts. This module is available on lease.

Accuracy of OMR Results

The OMR answer sheet checker offers 100% accurate results even if the scanning conditions are imperfect.

Sheets that are skewed or tilted are automatically rectified or rotated by the software before reading.

The colour or the thickness of the sheet does not have any effect on the accuracy, neither the number of sheets.

With the help of the OMR scanning defect detection, the software automatically changes the reading parameters, thus reducing the case of rejection of the sheets.

Computer/PC requirement for OMR

You need to have a computer with Windows Vista, XP or 7/8 to run the OMR answer sheet checker software. There is no need for an internet connection to scan and read the sheets.

Speed of OMR Software

The OMR software can read three sheets in one second. In short, it can read around 500 sheets in 10 minutes. The numbers of sheets to be read do not have any effect on the speed of the software.

OMR Software Cost

Regular printing or copier papers can be used to print the OMR sheets, making OMR software much cheaper than other OMR solutions which require special thick papers that are expensive.

OMR Form Reader

This software is used for reading OMR based admission and application forms

Collecting information from OMR forms like questionnaires, feedback forms, surveys, questionnaires, etc. becomes really quick with the help of the OMR form reader software. It has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which helps it to read pre-printed numbers. It also has ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) which helps it to capture images of photographs and handwritten content on the form. read more

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