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Olympiad and Scholarship Test Scoring Solution Introduction

In case of Olympiad style of examination, result and ranks requirement is different from the regular MCQ based tests. Ranks are required as per class, institution, city, state, country etc. So they need more detailed planning of Roll nos and features beyond regular OMR result processing. Olympiad addon can be added over modules PAB as base.

Addmen OMR Software Introduction

We have been providing solution to several organisations conducting olympiads or large scale multi-branch-tests.
Each one of them comes out with their own requirements in the form of various report formats. But we observe that, except for the changes in layout of report or sequence of columns presentation, there is hardly anything new.

A general scenario is where test is conducted for several classes/levels in multiple branches/schools in multiple cities/zones spread over several states.

Some common requirements are :

Addmen software is able to handle all such requirements and provides all above types of ranks. But since it is generic and scalable software, not made for any specific user, so it generates reports and ranks in generic formats.

If the tests are planned systematically, then the entire task is very simple.
Give 2-digit code to State, there are only 40 states. Realistically, in a state there won’t be more than 99 cities participating. And realistically, in a city, there won’t be more than 99 schools or centres in a city. So a unique school/branch code can be derived as SS+CC+BB.

Tests are always different for every class due to difference in academic level. And each test can contain multiple subjects/sections. So we automatically have 6 levels of segregation i.e.   1) Country [all];   2) State;   3) City;   4) School;   5) class;   and 6) Subject [within class].

Olympiad Rank Add-on feature to Professional version

The Professional version with Olympiad Add-on module generates an Excel file (TEST RAW DATA.XLSX) with multiple levels of ranks. This Excel file is used as input in the Olympiad Report printing module for printing various formats of Rank Reports and Certificates.

Olympiads Solution

Several variants of Reports can be generated for different groups like School wise reports for each class etc.

Olympiads Solution

VDP & PDF Merger Module : If sheets with pre-printed candidate IDs have to be provided or if more combinations of result PDFs are required, like one PDF for entire school including all classes or one PDF for one class including all schools, then the Variable Data Printing and PDF merger module is available to fulfill these needs.

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