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Handwriting Reader ICR and OMR Software

Addmen offers the only OMR Software that has single pass integrated ICR reading (Hand Writing Recognition) besides many other type of optical recognition in the single pass. You don't have to scan and read sheets separately again and can save a lot of time by avoiding repeated reading.

Though ICR as technology is not as accurate as OMR. But still with the unique integrated approach from sheet design to printing to scanning to reading, Addmen has been able to develop an exceptionally accurate ICR based Hand writing recognition solution.
(Addmen OMR is 100% accurate. Addmen ICR is 90%+ accurate)

We have adopted a smart modular approach to bring out the most accurate results while reading handwriting. To be able to achieve the best results, we start the preparation right at the time of sheet design by providing proper space to write the text in proper size. Also we do not read the whole text as one, instead we read character by character. Though it consumes marginally more time but then it drastically improves the accuracy.

Further, Addmen ICR reader has the ability to designate the expected output of a specific block so that inappropriate values are automatically narrowed down to the nearest accurate possibility.

Handwriting reader ICR and OMR Software
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