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Addmen OMR Software with ICR Handwriting Recognition for CBSE

Addmen is the only OMR Software that has built-in ICR for handwriting recognition as per CBSE Term 1.

According to latest news about CBSE Board Exams, the pattern of Phase-1 MCQ exams...

"Extra circles on OMR sheet : The CBSE board exam for Term 1 would be only MCQ-based and CBSE PRO Rama Sharma confirmed that an extra circle would be provided for each question on the OMR sheets. This is because students would be only able to use pens to mark the correct options in the OMR sheets.

In case of any mistake, students can strike out the wrong circle, shade the correct circle, and then write the answer number of the correct option in the extra circle provided for each question on the OMR sheet. CBSE would be using a combination of intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical mark recognition (OMR) techniques to evaluate such responses."

Addmen OMR users can add ICR module to their existing OMR Softwares

OMR Layouts 2021 Code Download
60Q CBSE Sheet with OMR+ICR STD106 PDF CDR
60Q CBSE Sheet with OMR only STD107 PDF CDR
200Q NEET 2021 B STD098 PDF CDR
30Q JEE 2021 Mains STD096 PDF CDR
STD104 IIT2021 Adv P1 STD104 PDF CDR
STD105 IIT2021 Adv P2 STD105 PDF CDR
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