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How the Online OMR Sheet Reader System can be used by Publication Houses?

Online OMR Sheet Reader System

The publication houses can add more value to their test Prep books by providing an OMR sheet attached in the book along with each practice test. The books can have a bunch of detachable or tear-off OMR sheets attached at the end of the book or at the end of each practice test. The candidate shall detach the sheet and fill their responses and self evaluate using the Online OMR System. The Online Exam system can be accessed on the basis of login credentials provided in the book or credentials can also be made available as a scratch card along with the book.

The possibility to fill and evaluate the OMR sheet, adds a completeness to the test preparation exercise by the candidate and thus, this would add value to the book by providing a feel of real competition to its users because each student would get answers to the test only after actually attempting it rather than just looking at the back of the test paper. Also since all the users buyers of the book spread over the country can upload their sheets for the same test to a single platform, they would get a countrywide rank that makes actual sense rather than each student practising in isolation.

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