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Online Examination Service

Process Plan

  1. Candidates will download & install secured browser interface on computers with recommended configuration. Minimum specified configuration is essential to deploy secure browser utility for secure test.
  2. There will be One Demo test available in the platform with an objective to ensure that student is familiar with operation of the Interface on device and that there will be no later complaints about unfamiliarity or difficulty in operation of interface.
  3. Demo Test will have simple common-for-all questions.
  4. Student will appear in demo test & lock his device for final exam.
  5. He shall be allowed to answer his final test on only on the chosen device.
  6. Demo test will be used as a mandatory step for each to complete their registration.
  7. Only the student who have answer the Demo test are eligible to answer the final Test.
  8. This exercise should be completed Two days before the exam.
  9. Registration form will be provided by Addmen. Client will add link to registration form on their website in the prescribed manner.
  10. Unique Registration Number will be generated from the system in the format SCPPP, with the composition School Code (S), Class Code (C), Pupil Code (P)

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