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As per the information bulletin published by National Testing Agency about IIT JEE Mains 2021, there is a slight change in the examination pattern.

Though there is no change in the type of questions and the total number of questions per subject. But there is a slight change in the evaluation criteria of these questions.

Now each subject will have two sections. Section-I will have 20 questions and Section-II will have 10 questions. But in Section II, the candidate is supposed to answer only 5 questions out of 10.

Online Exam Software

New Pattern Online and OMR Examination Software

In the examination pattern where the the candidate is expected to answer only 5 out of 10 questions, the Addmen Assessment software adopts the logic to consider the first five answered questions. So if the candidate has answered only 5 questions, it is an ideal case as per the regulation. But if any candidate has answered more than 5 questions, then also the software approach to consider only the first five questions that contain the answers and ignore the rest of surplus questions that have been answered, suits well to the requirement.

This logical feature of considering only first 5 questions is not only available in Online Exam System for Computer Based Tests for IIT JEE 2021, but it is also present ever since in the Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software.

So the institutes that are willing and comfortable to provide the practice their students on pen and paper based exams on OMR sheet can also choose to adopt the Addmen Online and OMR Examination Software modules.

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