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Cloud Hosting Cost

There are 3 options for Hosting

Option 1: Hosting on your Lab Server
Option 2: Hosting on a Third Party Cloud Server
Option 3: Hosting on Addmen Cloud Server

Hosting Facilitation for All Onetime License Purchase (All Options 1, 2 & 3)

FREE 3 MONTH HOSTING with limited resources (for maximum 10 concurrent users) is provided on Addmen Cloud server to facilitate Setup and Training.

25 FREE TESTS TOKENS are also provided for practice in case of CBT module.

Options 1 & 2 Hosting in a Lab or Third Party Cloud Server

Option 3 Hosting on a Addmen Cloud Server

Hosting Plans for Online Exams

Open Mode Group Mode
Computer Based Exam focused on User Convenience Computer Based Exam focused on Test Environment
Multiple Tests are created AND multiple Tests are active at a time. Multiple Tests are created BUT only one Test is active at a time.
Any user can login at any time to solve any Active Test of his choice. Only limited users allowed for Active Test can login at that time.
All Admin and other users can login to the system to do other task like viewing results and reports. Only permitted Admin can login till the time of Test.
Price involves wastage. Per Test is costlier. More economical price. Per test is cheaper.
Cloud Hosting Cost
  1. Price will be applicable according to quantity in single purchase.
  2. When one user attempts a test, then one test token is charged.
  3. One Full Test Token is useable for 3 hours. If the test stretches beyond 3 hrs, another token is used.
  4. Purchased tokens must be consumed before their validity. There is no provision for carry forward.
  5. Tokens with shorter validity will be consumed first by system.
  6. One Type of hosting plan either Token based or User based will prevail at a time.
  7. One mode tokens (Open/Group/App) cannot be used or converted in other mode.
  8. Tests higher than 100 concurrency, must be conducted on Group mode.
  9. Hosting plans TT and TU for Online Exam obviously include result hosting of these tests. Analysis of a Test is available for 1 month while Tabular Results are available for 1 year from the date of attempt.
  10. New plan will be applicable only after fully consuming or cancelling the previous purchase.

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