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Check Your Lab Ability for Online Exam

If the same OS Windows 10 is loaded on an old Pentium computer, will it work same as it works on i3 or i5?
If the same movie from same source is downloaded or viewed on an i3 with GPRS connection and other i3 with Broadband connection, will it be same? No because there is effect of receiving bandwidth at the user end.

If the same movie is watched by a single user having broadband connection of same bandwidth, and on the other hand there are several users in a lab where the bandwidth is shared. Will the experience be same?

For example, some user might have deployed a very high end server, but may be the network switch has problem so the overall delivery to the terminal computers is delayed. In two labs with same number of users watching same movie with same server, same internet but one has a smaller capacity network switch and the other has a high bandwidth network switch, will the experience be same?

So it is obvious that each component has its effect on the overall experience of the user. It is important to test your lab to know what is the optimal performance achieved out of whatever combination of components is available.

It is utmost important and ideal to run a lab simulation for a similar test whenever you are planning a near-full-load event . This will indicate the sync and health of lab resources at that moment.

Addmen provides a Lab Testing utility that simulates the Online Exam load from multiple computers and the data thus generated clearly indicates the capability of the current lab infrastructure to cater to how many users. By analyzing the data, you can draw out inferences about question delivery speed. This will also help you identify the extent to which you can load your server beyond the planned load. This will also help to identify if any of the terminal computer is specially slower than the rest.

Also the lab test done once should not be taken for granted for long. The professionally managed cloud servers always have a intense maintenance activity on, which is not true for a single user owned server and Lab that does not have a dedicated server manager. It is possible that like any other computer your server is getting loaded with trash over time and its performance today is not the same as the day when it was installed.

By doing so, the customers who have questions – “Earlier CBT software was working fine, now it is slow?” – they will automatically have an answer.

We have to know  that there is nothing like a good today or bad tomorrow software performance. Software is simply a logic to perform a given task in a predefined way. The same software will work with same efficiency if it has the same input and same environment even if you run it after one hundred years or a millennium. The performance of the activity depends on the resources facilitated to the software. Whenever the performance or result changes, it is either due to change in input or change in environment.

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