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Standard OMR Design Considerations

Standard Sheet designs are developed using some essential knowledge about the domain.

1. It should be most similar to official layout as well as most convenient to institute.

2. Examination bodies buy from printers who print on rolls. So as per need of sheet sometimes their sheets are 12-13 inches as well. While thousands of Institutes print on cut sheets using Laser or Copier or Offset, so they have a limitation of 11.5 inches. We must accommodate within A4 height by moving unnecessary height adjusting static-not-to-be-read signature boxes to make it convenient to print by all.

3. During this accommodation, we prefer not to disturb the actual answer part but adjust the other unimportant blocks. Similarly in this layout answer area was same, but we saved height by moving signature boxes.

4. We have an approach to keep the bubbles slightly bigger than the standard size so that, the actual exam bubble takes less time to fill than the bubble filled during year round practice.

5. All examination sheets are essentially color. So they have scope of smaller and congested bubbles. While 99% institute printed sheets are black and white. We have to create designs that suit B/w printing.

6. Some official designs are two sided duplex. We always create a easier amended version on single side. So that it does not increase the printing processing and trouble cost of the institute.

7. Mostly Official Layouts appear months after announcing the pattern. In this case also the Official design has appeared after more than a month. We save time by developing an approximate design. Which solves the purpose and does not waste the printed inventory even after official layout appears.

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