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How to Fill Exam Roll no.?

Techniques for filling the Roll number

Write the roll number first with the pencil, then lightly mark the roll number with the help of the pencil and check whether the number marked is matched with the roll no written with the pencil. Finalize the pencil filling with the pen filling. Follow same strategy for name filling too.

This is the easiest way which will keep you out of trouble. If you mark one bubble wrong in the answer sheet,then it will deduct only one mark, but if you mark one bubble wrong in the information field then you will ruin the entire examination. So its better to use few seconds to minimize the last minute rush.

Issues related to Length of Roll Number in MCQ OMR Test

Queries related to the number of digits and how to fill roll number on OMR sheet are discussed below:

Case 1: One exam has a uniform length of Roll numbers...0001, 0002, 0054, 0786, 8975 so it is easy how to fill the Roll number if a 4 segment numerical block is provided. Yet there is some misunderstanding about zeros in the Roll number like in 0001 or 0054. If there is zero in your roll number, then you have to fill it, whether the zero is at the beginning of the roll no, in the middle or at the end.

Case 2: This exam also has uniform length roll numbers 1001, 1005, 3579, 9999

Case 3: Sometimes the roll number allotted to you will be like 1,89,235,8976 and the columns on OMR sheet are more in number than the available digits in your roll number.

In the above 2 cases, case 1 and case 2 there is no contention in seeing how to fill the fill number as the quantity of sections in the roll number block of OMR sheet and the number of digits in roll number are equivalent. In the case that 1 once in a while applicants drop driving zeros and fill just the number from right or left or they raise a question for help on the best way to fill the move number and what to do of the zeros. So eliminate this conflict, we can have a beginning digit that is not zero. As appeared in the case 2. Case 2 is totally clear and hopefuls ought not have any question or inconvenience in filling such roll numbers.

How to fill Roll number if there are more columns and less number of digits in the roll number provided to you?

Case 3 prompts continuous queries on the grounds that the inquiry emerges if 3 digits are to be filled in a 4 segment numerical network than which block to be filled and which block to be left blank? For this question the right approach is to start filling from right side of the block with respect to tens, hundreds, thousand and so on.

Regarding which column to leave blank, the software ignores blank columns. So all the following figures have the same reading.

There is a huge difference between filling 0 in a section and leaving the segment empty as you see in the above figures. So in this methodology you are allowed to fill the roll no in any coveted format. So if by chance you have left a column empty, then leave it alone as appeared in figure XXX. Try not to attempt to correct or erase it as this will prompt more inconveniences.

How to fill the Roll number if the roll number provided to you has more digits than the number of columns provided on the OMR sheet?

This is a rare case. There is some mix-up either in your interpreting your roll number or the official system or you are confused with the provided block for the roll number. You have to cautiously see and assess the sheet or affirmation with the invigilator before you begin filling. Don't make any fluke or conjectures. Look for clear directions and after that continue. In the event that at all, you are not able to deal with this matter and get clear guidelines about what to do then the final methodology would be to fill the last digits of your Roll number.

We fall back on this answer on the grounds that for the most part the course classification, year center etc are prefixed to the roll number. Which means these digits are included at the start of the Roll number and may be same for candidates. The unique identity of the applicant is by and large kept toward the end of the Roll number. so the last couple of digits are truly critical for uniqueness. So if your 8 digit Roll number is 14084479 and you are given just six circles on the OMR sheet for filling it, then you ought to fill it like 084479, dropping the prefixed 14 as it may be a group identifier for year or any other code.

We do not consider starting digits if they are commonly used. We mostly concentrate on ending of the digits for the uniqueness. TIf we ignore the common digits we minimize the chances of considering extra unimportant columns which have less relevance but may increase botheration if the candidates have wrongly filled.

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