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Never do any Rough work on OMR Sheet

The OMR sheet is not just a design with the circles, but it is a layout for the computer to read the input and provide the output accordingly by using the set of instruction. The computer expect the darken circles for the result, so avoid darkening any other part than a circle. Therefore rough work on OMR sheet is strictly prohibited.

The advance Addmen OMR software is not affected by the rough work or scratches than the older versions and other software based on older technologies. But the candidate is unaware of which technology will be used to check the answer sheet. So it is suggested not to do any rough work on the OMR sheet.

Writing any holy salutations and spiritual slogans on the OMR sheet is strictly prohibited. These type of slogans will create disturbance like the disturbance created by the unnecessary dark circles on the OMR sheet. Mark or write only the required field.

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