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Tying or Punching of OMR Sheets

OMR Sheets should always be best stored as separate sheets properly stacked and placed in an envelope. If the sheets are properly stored in an envelope there is hardly any need for punching or stapling the sheets.

Handle the OMR sheet with care

Any mishandling or damage to the sheet might lead to rejection of the sheet by the OMR Reader Software. Though Addmen OMR Sheet Checker software does not get affected by minor damages to the seat, still if your examination body is using any other OMR Sheet Checking software, then it might get affected. So handle the OMR Sheet with care.

If we punch, tie, staple or pin the OMR Sheets we might create a disturbance in the reading part of the OMR Sheet Reader Software. Sometimes staple pins are left in the OMR sheet stack while extracting. These pins might get into the scanner and this may damage the scanner lens or machinery and render it unusable. Same applies with ties, and punch clippings. If we punch the sheets, it creates a hole in the sheet which is scanned as a black mark because light passes through it. This black mark closer to the edge of the page and the timeline may totally misguide the software system. Also the white clippings left after punching may create paper dust on the lens and may also damage the scanner. Since Addmen OMR Reader does not have a Timeline, it only has an index point on 4 corners of the sheet which are far enough from the location of the punch, then because of this there is not conflict if two black marks are created on the left edge of the paper. Still, as a good practice, OMR sheets should not be punched, clipped or stapled.

For optical mark reading, the scanned image must have some special reference points that mark the beginning and the end of the sheet.

Corners of the OMR Sheet are most important. There are some special marks at measured distances on OMR Sheet which are critical to an accurate reading of the OMR Sheets. The software follows these markers to identify the required bubble at the referenced location. So these markers are really important. We have generally seen people design

If we punch, tie, staple or pin the OMR Sheets we might create a disturbance in the reading part of the OMR Sheet Reader Software.

DO NOT crush or fold the OMR Sheet. If required or instructed, then fold only at the crease line indicated on the sheet.

If the sheet is provided as an attachment in a booklet and needs to be detached from the booklet, the tear off carefully at the perforated line on the sheet. Be careful so that the sheet is not torn anywhere other than the perforated line. The printers of the OMR sheet must pay attention that the perforation should be of good quality so that sheet is torn off with not much effort. This will minimize the chances of damaging the OMR Sheet

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