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Addmen OMR Comparison

Whatever exists in the market, is not competition.

In the following text and related pages we will share more details to more satisfyingly answer this question where we will precisely highlight and technically explain the very vast gap.

However these multiple products make it difficult for a new user to decide on the best solution.

Besides taking the right judgement, it is even important know on what parameters to judge.

Briefly, as a background, some companies that are selling OMR Software in India earlier used to sell OMR machine based solutions, before Addmen OMR came into existence.

Then obviously in few years, the story changed as the sales of OMR machine based solution was strangulated. They moved onto providing software and ADF scanner based solution, but the base technical approach remained same. Because if you get into details, it uses the same machine type sheets working on the timeline logic and essentially colored sheets.

The new software that they started providing by name of V'care was just a business adjustment, not a technical development or enhancement. So V'care is the same company product, that we are driving out from all corners of India.


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