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Multiple Choice Question and Answer Software

The Addmen OMR software is basically made of three modules, including OMR answer sheet checker, OMR form reader and question paper generator. The third module is used by educational institutes which have to design question papers for exams and tests.

While you can create question papers with all types of questions, even the theoretical ones, this software is quite commonly used for creating multiple choice questions. As the question paper generator software takes the questions from the question bank, it is important to prepare the question bank first.

Questions can be exported into the question bank through Word or Excel files. If you are using Word, you have to first create eight columns. The first column is for the serial number while the second is for the questions. The rest of the columns are for the options and the last column is for the correct option. These questions are saved in the question bank after they have been labelled as per subject, topic, chapter, difficulty level and marks.

The multiple choice question and answer software prepares the question papers as per the requirements of the user. The answer key is also generated automatically.

Multiple Choice Question and Answer Software

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