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Test Builder Software

Building a test paper has become easy with Addmen's OMR question paper generator software. This test builder software can be used to create different types of question papers, including those with multiple choice questions, subjective type questions, diagrams, numerical, fill in the blanks, etc.

Question Bank

The process begins with saving questions in the question bank. You do not have to manually type the questions. Rather they can be imported from already prepared questions in Word or Excel format. You can also include the options and the correct answer along with the question. Once you save the questions in the question bank, these can be categorized using the filters provided by the software. These filters can be customized as per your requirements.

Question Paper Generator

When you need to create a question paper, you need to go to the question paper generator panel and define your test requirements. Once you have created the blueprint, the test builder software would select the questions available in the question bank and provide you with a question paper.

You can customize the question paper by adding your institutes's logo as well as a watermark of your choice if you need.

Online Exam Builder Software

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