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Suggested Approach for Optimal use of Resources for Self-Owned Servers

With the above understanding about impact of server capabilities in delivering the test to a number of candidates, it is always suggested to initiate a metered start of the test process on any new server. If the implementation is on a single server with limited resources, then in case of online candidates accessing the system over cloud, it is suggested to schedule the tests for sufficient period so that all candidates are not forced to login within a narrow window of time. Thus at any one point of time, the number of users logged into system will automatically reduced. Also since there is more time window, the max number of candidates logging into the system can be limited by the system administrator. In this manner the accentuated load on the server can be dissolved by increasing the time window for system use.

If the tests are to be attempted by a group on several computers connected to a server in a lab, it is suggested to distribute the candidates in small size groups. So that the users can attempt over a period of time to enable optimal use of resources on time sharing basis. In this manner, more number of users can be handled with limited resources of the server.

It is assumed that the user implementing this Computer Based Test/Feedback System has understood the above approach and shall implement the system with awareness to above approach.  

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