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On-Screen Manual Marking

Subjective answer scripts manually scored by examiner

The E-scoring module for On-Screen Manual Subjective Scoring offers a mechanism to score descriptive answers using predefined guidelines or rubric.

Not all Online Exams comprise of multiple choice questions. Some exams either partially or in entirety also include questions whose answers are subjective and descriptive. Answers that contain Diagrams, derivations, essay and passages or step wise solutions need to be scored subjectively by a human examiner.

The e-scoring module for online on-screen scoring allows the students to upload their answers in the form of image or PDF and the same are uploaded and submitted alongwith the rest of the answers of the exam. These answers can be seen only by the assigned examiner on-screen along with the original question, the correct answer and the guidelines and rubric for scoring.

Any subjective answer can be scored for various sub-parameters which are then added to save the score for that question.

If the exam partly contains objective multiple choice and subjective manually scored answers, then the objective multiple choice questions are automatically scored by the online exam system while the subjective answers are manually scored on-screen by the examiner using the e-scoring module.

On-Screen Manual Marking of Homework & Assignments in Learning Management System

A very limited variant of the E-Scoring system can be used as part of LMS system for grading daily Homework and Assignments given to students where the student will upload an image or PDF of his answer from his LMS App and the examiner will score the uploaded assignments from the admin interface.

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On-Screen Manual Marking of Subjective Question in Online Exams

Certain Online Exams may have Subjective Questions or Essays etc. Such questions may constitute a part or the whole exam. Such exams may or may not contain sections of MCQ questions also. The MCQ questions are scored automatically by the system while the subjective questions with descriptive answers need to be scored manually.

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Digital Valuation System for Universities

Universities have moved to scoring of their descriptive answer scripts to on-screen manual scoring. The era of sending answer book bundles to examiner homes and waiting for the results is gone. Then came the era of using OMR cover pages on the subjective answer scripts, which made it more reliable to post scores given by the examiners. But still the quality of evaluation was by far dependent on the examiner and was unquestionable. This his given way to the digital Valuation System where although the scripts are scored manually but the quality of scoring is enhanced due to proper facilitation and proper documentation.

The Answer scripts are slit and scanned at the examination center and the Addmen e-scoring system forms them back into collated PDFs making use of barcode or any other optical identifier. These PDFs are then used for on-screen manual scoring with multiple efficient features.

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On-Screen Manual Marking Software Features (eScore)

On-Screen Manual Scoring Software

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