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Online Exam Solution Overview and Available Options

Addmen is the one of the very few Computer Based Exam System provider, which you can buy and run the complete system under your ownership and security. Unlike some other providers, we do not force you to subscribe to our portal and upload your question paper and student data into our server. You are free to buy a license of the Computer Based Exam software and deploy it on your owned server.

Computer Based Exam System works on a Server-Client architecture. It can be used for conducting test with following setups:

  1. Web Based Online Exam from Cloud Server : where the candidate attempts the test in browser on a windows computer connected to internet at his home or Cyber café.
  2. LAN Based Offline Test from Lab Server : where candidate attempts test in the institute Lab on a computer browser connected to the offline server through local network.
  3. Internet Free Online Exam using App : where the candidate temporarily connects his Tab/ Smartphone to the cloud server using internet, downloads the test on his device, solves the test offline with no dependency on internet, and later connects again through internet to upload the data to server.

Whether the product is used to conduct Online Exam where the candidates answer the tests from their homes through your website over internet or it is used to conduct Computer Based Exam inside a Computer Lab, the work process largely remains the same.

Addmen Online Exam Solution is available in 2 Variants

ACBT- Advanced CBT suitable for Institutes

Most popular combination of features is suitable for Institutes with multiple branches or Service providers with multiple subscribers. Suitable for all type of MCQ pattern like simple ABCD type, Numerical Integer and Decimal Type and Matrix Matching and comprehension type. It has more features and option to run either on cloud or in Lab or both locations as a Parent-Child combination.

PCBT- Professional CBT suitable for Test Series Portals, Online Admission Exams etc.

Certain High end features are available which make the product Suitable for higher professional teams that conduct examination in multiple centers and encrypted data from all server is collated to one server for processing. Exam progress can be monitored on control panel.

Addmen Online Exam System Introduction

Scalable Examination System

Addmen Computer based system has several features, various combinations of which give the product strength to cater to wide scale of requirements.

Basic features combo provides a low budget solution suitable for single branch Institutes with simple ABCD type MCQ Test pattern.

Modes of Implementation

Implementation by Onetime Purchase, Licenses can be purchased for one or more servers at fixed onetime price and optional maintenance and update charges to be paid in following years.

Implementation by Annual Subscription has 1) fixed Onetime Setup Charge and 2) Annual Hosting charge based on System Usage as per chart below.

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