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Secure App Browser : The Best learning Platform or Computer and Laptop

Secure Browser for Access Control

If we restrict the access to content on browsers only using the username and password, then the same username and password can be used on multiple computers as there is no device specific check.

If we apply Multiple Login Check based only on IP address, then the IP of the student changes when he reconnects or switches his internet during the same class. Then the same student in the same class on the same computer will be seen as a different location, and hence stopped from logging in.

So in order to stay unaffected by changing IP/Location and still see as one same student, we need to adopt MAC Address based validation, for which the Desktop Utility has to be downloaded.

Thus in order to attain utmost security for online content on Browsers, Addmen has developed its own Secure App browser, which acts as a restricted gateway to online content.

App browser helps identify the user's MAC Address, thus it becomes possible to apply dual security checks. One at Username and Password level and the other at Device level. This means that one username and password cannot be used on multiple computers.

Secure Browser for Content Security

Mobile App is more secure than open browser platforms. Open Browser platforms are more susceptible to Data infringement. There may be several ways and utilities that may be used to decode the content delivery URLs.

The App browser being our own Desktop browsing utility, we can control various parameters like right click, copy-paste, New window, multiple browsers etc.

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