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Learning Management System in Education

The Addmen Online Learning Management system not only provides solution for all online training and learning needs of a digital classroom like video lectures, chat, quiz, doubts, online examination, results, assignments, and attendance, but it also has some most desired features of content security, login access restrictions, multi-platform integration, online course purchases etc.

Virtual Classroom Management Software
Two platform access on Mobile App and Computer Browser

While most online learning management systems prevalent in the market are app based, the Addmen learning management system provides access through two parallel platforms. This benefits the students by letting them avail the best advantages of both the platforms. Browser provides the advantage of large screen viewing and convenient working, while mobile App provides the advantages of ubiquitous availability and mobility.

LMS Learning Management System
Private Branded App Secure Content Access Control
LMS Learning Management System
Video Lectures for Virtual Class Online Exams and Assessment
LMS Learning Management System
Online Course Management and Sales Lead Generation and Admissions Multiple-Platform Integration Integration with Institute Management Modules

The system is scalable to offline institute management needs like Fee Transactions, Class Attendance, Lesson Plan, Course Progress, Library Books can be seen on App if respective modules are active in the Enhanced Campus Automation System (ECAS).

Robust Backend Administration through Integrated Assessment Suite

The IAS is an integrated utility for user and content management all from a single interface allowing multi-user secure access based on access rights and permissions. The IAS is a common tool for management of App and browser interfaces and all the features of online learning management system and even more features related to academics and assessment.

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