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System Requirements for E-Learning System Apps

Android Version and Device Compatibility for E-Learning Mobile App

Apps published on or after 02-Nov-2020 are compatible with Android OS versions ranging from “Lollipop (5.0)” to “Android 10 (10.0)”. Change in Google's policy strictly demands all Apps to be compatible with API level 29 (Android Version 10) by 02- Nov-2020.

The latest app shall be compatible with latest devices running on Android 10 as well as with older devices that were launched after 2013 and running on Android 5 (Lollipop). In case of very old devices running on Android 4.4 (2013), Some features may not run. Though it is very rare that someone today will be using such old devices, but if there are, nothing can be done about such old devices.

If the institute plans to order devices in bulk, they must be aware that this OS compatibility range will change with as newer versions of Android are launched. They must confirm OS compatibility before ordering for App and buying devices in bulk.

System Requirements for running E-Learning System on Computer

For the sake of Content Security, it is highly recommended for the Institute to allow access to Learning Management System only through Secure App Browser. This secure App browser is a desktop utility that not only allows to efficiently execute access restrictions as well as it is more secure than open browser.

App browser requires Windows 10.

System Requirements for Administrator, Broadcaster

  1. Essential: Laptop, Webcam. Optional: Mobile, Tablet, Video Camera, Lapel mic, Smart Board, Smart pen etc.
  2. YouTube Channel with Live Streaming and Embedding enabled (Takes 24 Hrs after applying)
  3. Open Broadcaster Software
  4. Other Optional Softwares like Power point, Word, Excel, PDF viewers, Stream Labs etc.
  5. Microsoft Whiteboard
  6. Windows 10 (if Microsoft whiteboard is used)
  7. High Speed Internet connection for Live Streaming. Regular connection for recorded videos.
  8. For more details on Setting up your own server REFER: CBT(E)-Deployment-and-Performance-FAQs.pdf
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