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We believe, just a Live Video Class Session is not enough to call it a Digital Classroom.
Addmen's Virtual Video Class is not just a Webinar System Like Xoom, which focuses only on live Video Chat.

Our Learning management system platform offers an integrated solution for most needs of a digital classroom System for the smooth conduction of online live classes with smart class features like live voice text and chat complemented with live online class quiz during online virtual training class and an efficient doubts and problem solving module to form a productive online training and learning management system for students.

Unlimited Video Streaming at Lowest Cost

Our Approach is Different from a Web Conferencing Systems

2-way video sharing systems have a high running cost because they need dedicated streaming server and high bandwidth. So users have to join portals like Xoom, which have many other limitations.

Mostly, teachers unmute 2-way sharing only for a limited time, so we removed 2-way video to get other benefits.

We replaced 2-way video sharing with Voice chat and Handraise so that single directional video transfer will allow to use Youtube and greatly reduce the cost of streaming to FREE with added benefits of unlimited viewing at zero cost while quality remains unaffected with load. Multiple teachers can stream at no cost.

Multiple Concurrent Sessions

Multiple concurrent sessions are possible without affecting the broadcast performance.
You tube has a concept of limits of api hits, so it must be properly understood and planned how not to waste the allowed resources.

Multiple Platform Integration

The Video lecture module for virtual class has multiple popular video streaming platforms integrated like Youtube and Vimeo, which provides a wider choice to institutes to select the best platform suiting their needs.

Content Security

Screen recording and screen shots of the videos are disabled.

Also the unique UserID of the student randomly flashes on the screen time to time which is a good deterrent to stop online educational content piracy as it helps to identify the candidate in case the content is recorded using some other device.

Full Screen View with Chat

Videos are visible in fullscreen with minimal icons for chat and notifications.

Voice Chat with Hand Gestures

Users can chat with teachers, not only in text but also by voice. The chat is supplemented by hand gestures like Hand raise, Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down. Use of these hand gestures is definitive and used for recording the activity and attentiveness of a student during live class.

Chat and hand gestures collectively constitute to the Digital attendance besides login and logout times.

Discipline and Punctuality in Class

Once the student has started to view a video within login time window then he shall be allowed to re-login before the end of the video session. But if he has not started to view the video during the login time window then he shall not be allow to login after the end of login time window.

Quality and Speed Control

The feature for students to be able to control video quality is available in our app. But this feature reflects in video platforms other than youtube, that integrated in Addmen App. As you can see in the attached screenshot, video

This feature earlier also reflected for youtube platform, but sometime back youtube has disabled this feature to control video quality from external players. It sends pre-optimized quality. Although users can control quality on youtube portal but the same facility is not available for external players.

Institutes who essentially need this feature will need to migrate to Vimeo, then the same app will automatically provide that facility.

It is also possible to jump the video forward or backwards by +/- 10 seconds.

Superior Solution for Virtual Video Class

Just a Live Video Class Session is not enough to call it a Digital Classroom.
Addmen's EduApplet is not just a Webinar System Like Xoom, which focuses only on live Video Chat.

Read a Detailed comparison of EduApplet with Webinar Systems like Xoom and see how this solution is superior in all aspects.

Learning Management System Modules

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