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Learning Management Systems for Businesses

All institutes prefer to share a glimpse on their online course with their prospective students to facilitate admissions. The Addmen enterprise learning management system for business has provision for guest user registration, where the guest gets an instant access to the online course demo content that includes some sample video lectures, some notes and tests.

Guest users can download the App and do instant registration through otp. It is also possible to make registration through website and vice versa.
Guest user registration helps the student to get prospective student data for on-ground follow-up for admissions.

Guest Users are provided limited access until payment of online course fee

The exemplary content is sufficient to give the prospective student to have a feel of the quality of online training course being conducted by the institute. It is also possible to control the access for a limited period of time.

Thus after free usage for a fixed number of days, the online learning system prompts the student to make payment for the course fee using the online payment gateway integrated in the learning management system for business. Once the student makes a payment of the course fee, his status changes and he gets access to the complete digital course content for the chosen course.

Online Purchase and Fee payment

After signing in as a guest user, the user dwells in the limited area of the learning management system for business, but as soon as he decided to make payment. He can go to the online payments section in the App and select the product of his choice and then proceed to make payment. Out of the various course items, only the items corresponding to his chosen are of interest are visible for purchase. Once an item has been paid for it is immediately available to the candidate for use.

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