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Online Admission and Payment

Grow limitless with online admissions and fee payment using campus learning management system for colleges

With the implementation of campus learning management systems, it is easily possible to cater large masses of students beyond boundaries.
The enterprise learning management system for colleges is ideal to exploit this business potential and Get admissions from distant places. The enterprise learning management system comes equipped with facility to create online course packages with wide flexibility, it allows to register guest users and provide them with demo content to facilitate their conversion to admissions and it is also equipped with online payment gateway to receive online course fee payment and expedite admissions.

To top it all, the registration and admission interface is available on both Mobile App and Computer Browser platform for maximum exposure. On one hand where mobile App advantage can be availed in easy guest user registration and providng demo content, on the other hand browser platform has its own advantages as it can serve as landing page for many search engine optimization and social media optimization activities.

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