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Online Education Content Security

Content Security

On Mobiles and Tabs, content is visible only inside App.

On Browsers, content is visible only after login in user account.
For Security reasons, the Videos/Notes/Docs cannot be opened directly in Computer Browsers .
You must download the Dedicated Secure App Browser into your computer to view the content.

Further, the following chart depicts more Content Security Features:

Online Education Content Security

Login Restrictions and Access Control

You have a precise control over who is watching, when and where

It is utmost important to ensure that only the students who are registered in the lms learning management system are able to view the content.
One account can be used only on one platform at a time Mobile App or PC Browser.
Once you login to Mobile App, you will be restricted to login from PC Browser till you logout from App.
Content access data is available at real time from the administration interface.

One user account cannot be accessed on two mobile devices or two browsers at a time

The device first used to access the account on App or Browser is registered as the primary device and cannot be changed unless with the permission of administrator. This involvement of admin acts as a deterrent for the students to make switching of mobile devices a foul practice.

  1. As a security check, Candidate can use any one of the platform at a time, either App or Browser. One account can be used only on one platform at a time.
  2. The Android Device from where you make your first App login is registered and In case of Browser platform, App Browser registers the serial key of that particular system & freezes it, so that one system is the specific to one candidate.
  3. For security purpose we have restricted the use of App Browser to a specific computer, if we remove this setting. Then candidate can simply login from any of the system/computers.
  4. If your student will try to use App Browser in a different computer, which is not allowed in current settings, then he will get a message "MULTIPLE LOGIN RESTRICTED".
  5. Change of device shall not be possible, without the permission of the Administrator.

One user can watch on One Device- One Platform at a Time

Some students have availability of both smartphone and laptop so they can view the content on either platforms. For this it is possible to switch platforms independently. Student will have to logout of the App if he wants to login to the online smart class system using a computer browser.

But if a student can see content at two different platforms, this flexibility may also be misused such that the same user login is used on App and also shared to a friend to view on the computer browser. Use of dedicated app browser and primary device registration are helpful to avoid this.

Restrict the access for students who have not paid their fee

It is also possible to restrict the access to limited features in the learning management system. If the institute has multiple features like videos, online examination and assignments in their online learning platform, but it is possible to provide limited access only for videos.

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