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On-Screen Marking of Homework & Assignments in Learning Management System

Assignments/Worksheets/Questionnaires whose answers comprise of passages, diagrams, or long mathematical solutions, need subjective scoring.

A unique distinction of the Addmen Learning Management System is that does not only cater to the Online Exam or MCQ assessment but has an elaborate solution for the subjective assessment that is very much needed in case of Worksheets, Homework Assignments and subjective examination.

We have the Assignment and Homework module that allows the student to solve the given assignment on a seperate sheet of paper and then click the image or upload a PDF of the solved worksheet, which is then graded by the teacher.

How the Assignment and Homework module works?

The E-scoring module offers an elaborate mechanism to score subjective answers using predefined rubric or guidelines.
Assignment is uploaded by the teacher which can be downloaded by the students and then either answered on the same sheet or a separate worksheet. If it is a single sheet then the image of the same can be upoladed by clicking an image using the web camera or inbuilt camera on the mobile device. If it is a multipage solution sheet, a pdf of the same can be created using any pdf converter app like CamScanner etc.

Once uploaded the teacher scores the answer for various parameters according to score guideline given for each parameter. The score of each parameter is added to form the question score.

Certain questions purely need scores while some questions involve teacher remarks along with scores while yet some other types of questions demand only remarks. The e-Scoring module allows the examiner to comment on various parameters of the answer as well. These remarks are then displayed to the student along with the assessment report or on the assignment submission page.

The assignments and homework module is a limited variant of the E-Scoring module where we only cater questions that needs remarks. For proper manual scoring the complete eScoring module must be activated.

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