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Online Education Platforms

Addmen’s cloud based learning management system can be accessed on Android and Browser platforms

The Addmen e-learning management system has Single Platform for Administration and Multiple Platforms for access by users.

Unlike most other solutions available in the market, the Addmen e-Learning platform is not limited to mobile App.
Besides being accessible from the Android App to be used on the Mobile devices and Tabs the online learning platform for students can also be accessed through computer browser on PC or Apple Mac.

All features of Addmen’s Learning Management System software platform are accessible from single dashboard on Browser.

Smart Digital Classroom Management

Use the Appropriate Platform for Browser or Mobile

If the students give test by opening browser in mobiles.

  1. It is likely that the browser will not behave the same in mobile as it behaves on computer.
  2. The Layout of Test Screen on Browser is not suitable for viewing on small mobile screens, so it will need lot of scrolling and still uncomfortable viewing.
  3. The App interface is optimized for smaller screens. Also the App mechanism has the possibility to store question locally, which is an advantage in case of intermittent internet on mobiles.

So only App should be used on Mobiles or Tabs, while Secure Browser is ideal for Computer and Laptop.

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