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Variable Data Printing Introduction

The variable Data Printing module can be used for data personalization or pre-printing of data on OMR Optical Mark readable forms. It is used for printing sheets with unique sheet numbers or barcodes or any other fields of candidate information and to create separate or collated PDF files.

Used for printing variable data using input given in Excel or Access.

Used for Generation of Lithocode and Printing of Text, OCR or Barcode fields.

Creation of single page PDFs or multi-page merged PDF.

Selective printing of a series.


All type of fields can be read in single pass. Parallel Reading at Multiple Threshold in single Pass.

In this template design different type of fields have been depicted with different colors.

Sample Sheet Design with OMR, OCR, ICR, Barcode, Image, Lithocode and Variable Printing.

The template is added with variable data parameters, which accepts data from Variable Data Printing module using input given in Excel or Access. Reading of various type of data blocks like OMR, OCR, ICR, Image, Barcode or Lithocode may need different modules added together to achieve the purpose.

VDP STAGE I- Blank Sheet Template to be used for Variable Data Printing
VDP STAGE 2- Sheet Template inlayed with Variable Data Parameters

The template is printed with variable values using Variable Data Printing module. VDP module is not essential for variable data printing. Variable values can also be printed using third party arrangements like regular Mail merging process using Word-Excel combination. However the use of VDP module helps in accurate positioning of values which is very important for accurate reading of dynamic data fields to be read by OMR software.

VDP STAGE 3- Print Sheet with Variable Data Values
VDP STAGE 4- Sheet Scan ready for reading
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