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Professional Question Paper Generator Solution for generation of Multiple Question Paper sets with shuffled options

The professional Question paper generator is required by confidential printers catering to state and professional examination boards which are obviously confidential. A solution with these requirements is much beyond the features of standard variant generally not required by individual institutes or publication houses. The following description and screenshots gives a fair description the solution.

The professional Question Paper Generator software is a higher version with focus on multiple sets creation;

Professional Question Paper generator is different from Advanced Question paper generator.

It shares the same interface with the standard Question paper generator (SQ) variant because, most of the operation is similar except for some enhanced features related to output generation. Thus when professional Question paper generator is activated, some additional components are enabled or appear on the paper generation screen of standard Question Bank Software.

Question and Answer Bank Software Question Paper Generation Panel with Professional Features Options

Mulitple Sets Question paper generation process

The process is in 2 parts:

Part 1: Creation of sets by shuffling and jumbling within the software database is done within few minutes, which is almost negligible time as per the project size.

Part 2: Process of Generation of Paper output essentially has to be dynamic, since some questions have different arrangement of options (some are vertical one below the other, some are in one row, some in two rows), so place ment of questions in template has to be done at real time. For this reason, it is a slow process and so multiple computers accessing the same data server are required to multiply production.

Input and Output format of the software

Input format can be Word or Excel. PDF or Pagemaker inputs are not acceptable.

Output can be in Word and/or PDF. The output can be single PDF for every question paper.

PDFs of multiple question papers can be collated into one PDF. The range of collation can be defined in settings.

It is possible to generate a given range of question papers out of many shuffled sets. The outputs can bear auto generated serials, unique codes are defined by the administrator.

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