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ACT Test Scoring Software

Introduction to Addmen Integrated Assessment Solution for Scoring the SAT & ACT tests

There are four Videos in this Playlist:

ACT 2016 has 2 OMR sheets constituting to one Answer Sheet.

The first sheet has 1 to 75 questions from the English Section. and Section 2 has 1 to 60 questions for the Maths test. and Section 3 has 1 to 40 questions for the Reading test. and Section 4 has 1 to 40 questions for the Science test.

ACT OMR Sheet 1 Template
ACT Test Scoring Software

The Third sheet is only for essay scoring, which is not filled by the candidate but by the examiner.

ACT OMR Sheet 2 Template
ACT Test Scoring Software

Steps for Setting up and Scoring of the ACT Tests

Test is to be defined as per the above videos. Only the Answers for the odd number questions will display as ABCDE and answers for the even numbered questions will display as FGHJK in the final output report. So the answers for all questions will be entered as accordingly.

ACT Test Scoring Software

Question Properties :There are Multiple property tags that can be applied for ACT.

OMR Test Definition : Separate Test Template is preset in the OMR Sheet Reader for each sheet ( P1 ACT and P2 ACT Essay) plus an additional master test (Master ACT) that will be used to combine the data of the two answer sheets.

ACT Test Scoring Software

Read OMR Sheets : Only the Test Part 1 (P1 ACT) and Test Part 2 (P2 ACT Essay) sheets have to be read.

ACT Test Scoring Software

Merge and Upload : Select the Master ACT Test template to merge the data of P1 ACT and P2 ACT Essay.

ACT Test Scoring Software

Import and Publish : Select the uploaded Data set and import in the defined Test.

ACT Test Scoring Software
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