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PSAT Test Scoring Software

Introduction to Addmen Integrated Assessment Solution for Scoring the SAT & ACT tests

There are four Videos in this Playlist:

PSAT 2016 has 3 OMR sheets constituting to one Answer Sheet.

The first sheet has 1 to 47 questions from the reading test Section. and Section 2 has 1 to 44 questions for the Writing and Language test.

PSAT OMR Sheet 1 Template
PSAT Test Scoring Software

The second OMR Sheet has 1 to17 and 1 to 31 questions for the Maths Non-Calculator and Calculator sections respectively.

PSAT OMR Sheet 2 Template
PSAT Test Scoring Software

The Third sheet is only for essay scoring, which is not filled by the candidate but buy the examiner.

PSAT OMR Sheet 3 Template
PSAT Test Scoring Software
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