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Introduction to SAT-ACT-PSAT Scoring Software

Introduction to Addmen Integrated Assessment Solution for Scoring the SAT & ACT tests

This solution for evaluation of SAT/PSAT and ACT is powered by Addmen Integrated Assessment Suite. It includes OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software, Online Result system and the IAS test setup interface for setting up tests with scaled scoring and multiple level of tags that can be used to generate reports as per the need of the SAT/ACT/PSAT test patterns.

We are providing this solution to several institutes in US and World over. Links to some sample reports with scaled scores are given at the bottom of this page.

The users who already have Standard Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software or any of its combo, shall need to upgrade their current product and add Online Result system and a part of IAS, so that these tests can be scored and suitable reports can be generated.

They will need to only pay the upgrade difference. If the user has only OMR Answer Sheet Checker (SA), then the price paid earlier shall be adjusted in full. However, in case of the combo (SAB/SABC) the price will be adjust in proportion to the number of modules. New Dongle is not provided in case of upgrade.

In case of the SAT/ACT solution, the standard functionality of OMR Answer Sheet Checker remains intact while the new feature is activated. The add-on upgrade for new purpose (SAT/ACT) enables the software to accept scaled scores and club multi-part tests taken according to SAT/ACT pattern on 2-3 sheets into one and process accordingly.

Components of the SAT/ACT Scoring System

SAT-ACT-PSAT Scoring Software

Basic OMR Reader (S0)

If the user has a Answer Sheet Checker SA or any of the higher combos, the same can be used.

Integrated Assessment Suite (Test Setup Interface)

(Integrated Assessment Suite is a unified interface for several Addmen software's related to Assessment. However, for SAT solution only limited functionality is required for test definition and setting up of question properties, thus the SAT solution includes limited access to IAS interfaces.)

Integrated Assessment Suite (Online Score Board Interface)

(The interface can be added to website where Student enters his unique ID and can see result of all attended tests presented date wise in tabular manner and sheet and graphical analysis reports.

This module also facilitates enormous calculations involved in generation of some typical graphical reports. Besides individual Student reports, the online score board also provides group comparison and question wise analysis reports.)

The user will need either a cloud server or local server with IIS and SQL to host the Online result processing utility.

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