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OMR Design Features

OMR Design Features
  1. Sheets can contain OMR, OCR, ICR, Barcode, Lithocode and Image blocks.
  2. Such sheets can be designed in which all type of blocks are read simultaneously in single pass.
  3. It has a convenient inbuilt visual interface for sheet design that allows ‘drag-n-drop’ placement of OMR blocks. User can learn to design and edit sheets by himself.
  4. New sheets can be designed with flexibility according to requirement.
  5. There is no limit on the count of designs that you create in the software.
  6. Manual calibration is not required for new sheet designs created in the software. Automatic calibration at time of design is accurate and saves lot of time & effort.
  7. Ready selectable presets templates are also available in standard sizes like A4, Half A4, B5 etc. with preset grid and span to facilitate new sheet design.
  8. User can duplicate an existing design for an ease start of new design.
  9. It has predefined matrix based creation and calibration of OMR sheets.
  10. It is possible to design OMR sheets ranging from Stamp size to A3.
  11. It is possible to alter the grid i.e. distance between the OMR bubbles.
  12. It is possible to change the bubble size & shape to circle/ellipse/box etc.
  13. OMR sheets layout can be fully designed inside the software with OMR components, Text Labels, Logo image and other design components.
  14. It is possible to set OUTPUT values for the READ values.
  15. It is possible to design multilingual sheets in Arabic and Cyrillic and to set the value of label text in any language to be printed inside the bubble.
  16. It is possible to design multipage forms which work as a single form.
  17. It is possible to set logical behaviour on fields like MERGE data of 2 or more fields in desired sequence; to ADD values of fields; to COMPARE values of 2 fields; to REPLACE specific value when empty or not empty…etc.
  18. Software exports the sheets in Word and Open Source formats like PDF & SVG which can be edited in various softwares like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape etc for adding Text Titles & Instructions in any language and Logo images and other design elements.
Glimpse of OMR Sheet Designer Interface OMR Design Features

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