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Addmen OMR Sheet Scanner Software

OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software is an Optical Mark Reader Software that is used for checking OMR based Test Answer Sheets used in MCQ type objective Tests.

Addmen OMR Sheet Reader Software comprises of 3 modules for different purposes:

Graphic Overview of OMR Software Work Process for MCQ Test Checking & Form Reading

OMR Sheet Scanner Software

Description of 3 Different Modules for Different Purposes in Addmen OMR Optical Mark Recognition Software

Module A: OMR Answer Sheet Checker (for MCQ Test Checking)

  • This module is based on OMR Optical Mark Recognition, reads black marks from scanned OMR Answer Sheets, compares with answer key, applies marking scheme etc,

  • OMR program Reads only blocks which are relevant to test process like Roll no, Set No. and Question blocks. Does not read photo, signature, name, phone, DOB, etc.… because they are irrelevant to the core test process.

  • Calculates, Stores and correlates data provide merit lists, graph, performance chart, statistical analysis etc.

  • As compared to OMR Form Reader, this module reads less types of blocks, but is more elaborate on processing data after reading from OMR sheet.

OMR Sheet Scanner

OMR Answer Sheet Designing Module

Addmen OMR Reader Software also has an inbuilt OMR Sheet designing facility, which is an integral part of Modules A & B.

If the user purchases any of the modules A or B or A+B, the sheet designing facility is automatically available. There is no need to purchase sheet design facility additionally.

Module B: OMR Form Reader (for Data Collection)

Module C: Question Paper Generator (for Managing Question Bank)

Difference between OMR Answer Sheet Checker & OMR Form Reader

Broadly classified, the Optical mark reading process or Optical Mark Scanner Software is used for 2 major types of purposes,
1) MCQ Test Checking & 2) OMR Data Collection.

Both types of works are different from each other and require different features. So to minimize complication for the user and to keep the modules streamlined & user friendly, we have divided OMR scanner software into 2 distinct modules namely,

OMR Answer Sheet Checker

Used for: MCQ Test Checking & Result Preparation

  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Recruitment & Selection Tests
  • Psychometric & IQ Analysis

OMR Answer Sheet Checker module reads less types of blocks, butis more elaborate on processing data after reading from OMR sheet.

OMR Form Reader

Used for: OMR Data Collection

  • Application forms, Admission Forms
  • Questionnaires, Survey, Feedback Forms
  • Attendance Sheets, Marks Award Sheets
  • Ballot Paper, Check Lists, Process Cards

OMR Form Reader module reads more types of blocks with flexibility, but provides data as it is in Excel sheet after reading from OMR sheet.

Addmen OMR Software is available as 2 versions - Standard and Professional version.

Professional version of the Addmen OMR Software can handle higher volumes of lacks of sheets at a much faster speed and can read special requirement sheets that have been mistakenly printed with missing index points or misaligned bubbles. It is available only as an upgrade to Standard version OMR users with higher requirements.

Server Version of the Addmen OMR Reader is good for organizations working on a large number of distributed locations or the ones who want real-time data integration with their server. The server version of the Addmen OMR software provides license free OMR software usage at the terminal and all the OMR data read at the terminal is uploaded to the OMR Server in real time.

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