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Basic OMR Reader Features

High Speed Reading: The software has multiple reading modes targeted towards achieving maximum reading speeds. Continue Reading

Read time Settings: There are many readtime settings for better control and ease of manipulation of settings to cover maximum number of sheets even if they have some input issues.

Read time Preferences: It is possible to set prompt or show specific behavior in case of specific situations or specific blocks. For example:
- if there is a Double filling in Question block, the software should prompt.
- if there are multiple bubbles filled in same column of a numeric block software should prompt
- if there is duplicate value in case of unique ID software should prompt.
and so on.

Allows image handling: Renames the read images according to the Projectname_ Sheetname. The skipped or rejected images are renamed according to the Sort Code for easier identification later.

Allows image Enhancement: Poorly filled or scanned images can be enhanced using many image enhancement features to make them appropriate for OMR reading.

Allows Read time Exception and Error Handling: There are several modes of reading which can be appropriately deployed as per the specific needs of the project. Reading in Alert and Manual Modes prompts ad allows for real time rectification of filling/scanning issues. Continue Reading

Protected Data Building: The ability to edit data while reading is controlled by password provisions. Continue Reading

Customized Actions: It is possible to move or copy images to specific locations.

Use of calibrated Sheets: Pre-designed/pre-printed sheets with specific needs can be calibrated and read by the software.

Basic Addmen OMR Reader to get values from OMR Sheet
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