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OMR Form Reader

OMR Form Reader software is used for reading OMR admission and application forms

This software is also used for collecting information from different types of forms like questionnaires, feedback forms, surveys, etc.

The software has the ability of reading pre-printed numbers like form no. with the help of OCR technology. It also captures images of the photograph and signatures on the OMR forms.

Working of the Basic Addmen OMR Reader

Basic Addmen OMR Reader to get values from OMR Sheet

OMR or Optical Mark Recognition software is useful for reading OMR sheets, ones that contain blocks or bubbles. Addmen's OMR software comes with three modules, the second one being the OMR form reader software. This software is exclusively used for reading OMR sheets. It is used for collecting information from OMR forms. The sheet is first scanned and then the software runs through the sheet to gather data and transfer into an Excel sheet.

With the introduction of the OMR form reader software, you do not have to check the survey forms and questionnaires manually. This saves lot of time and manpower too. Also, there are no worries about making errors. The accuracy of the OMR form reader is 100%.

OMR Form Reader
OMR Form Reader in action
OMR Form Reader
Provision to selectively Process and Export Data
OMR Form Reader
Data Exported to Excel along with images

OMR System with Central Data Server

Accuracy of OMR Results Speed of OMR Software

Computer/PC Requirement for OMR

You do not need internet connection to use the Addmen OMR software. Any computer that has Windows 7/8, XP or Vista can be used to install and run this software.

OMR Software Cost

OMR sheets can be printed on regular printing sheets with the help of inkjet or laser printer.

The cost of printing OMR sheets is much less than hardware OMR scanner machines. This software is a complete replacement for the expensive OMR scanners.

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