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Approach for getting Accurate Results from OMR Sheets with Pencil Filling

Software can accurately read pencils too, but it is suggested to minimize use of pencil as it leads to complications because pencils have lot of variations, light pencil or dark pencil.

With use of pencil, also creeps in the possibility to erase. So a dark pencil user candidate who erases, but not properly, so that he still leaves a mark which is equal in impression of marks created by other candidate who has used a light pencil to fill.

Then if you adjust settings to read light pencil, even improperly rubbed leftover marks might be read, and if you make settings to read only dark pencil, the light pencil will be ignored. Then you will have to make different settings for different sheets. It is not suggested to increase work for management. For this reason, using pen is best and simple.

OMR system works on the principle of contrast in recognizing the desired mark with respect to the background elements drawn on sheet

If a pen is used to mark bubbles, either on a colored or a black and white OMR sheet, the mark created is big and dark in comparison to the background elements and is clearly identified. But if pencil is used and the background elements are also printed in black, then the relative impact of background elements sometimes is equal to the density of black generated by pencil marks.

Question No. 21-30 depicts marks of various intensity made using pencil on the OMR sheet

Addmen OMR Software Accuracy

Column 3 illustrates Settings to get 100% accurate response for pencil marks of various intensity as per the evaluation policy

Strict Setting for Bubble Relaxed Setting for Bubble Setting for Light Intensity Impact Setting for Very Small impact
Sensitivity : 40 /0 /10 Decreased
Threshold :150 Default
Sensitivity : 30 /0 /10 Default
Threshold :150 Default
Sensitivity: 15 /0 /5 High
Threshold :160 Improve
Sensitivity: 7 /0 /5 Extra High
Threshold :160 Improve

Addmen OMR Software Accuracy

Addmen OMR Software Accuracy

Addmen OMR Software Accuracy

Addmen OMR Software Accuracy

Design of sheets with Pencil filling or Tick marks

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